America | The Chinese are going to beat us... (Part 4)

These are the people we elect to "represent" us... A frighteningly large number want lunatics like this to be elected to our highest office.


America | The Chinese are going to beat us... (Part 3)

Watch the behavior and actions of a woman who starts her rant with "God is on top!"... These are the people in our country that vote... The rest are too busy watching "Jersey Shore".


Every day President Obama is freeing toiling masses from the bonds of wage slavery. An ever growing number of former oil rig, construction, and retail workers, who once toiled under the yoke of capitalist oppression, have now heroically joined with liberated multitudes whose daily wants and needs are provided by the government.

In just three years Obama has emancipated 12 million former wage earners, adding them to the glorious Food Stamp program - that is a victorious 38% increase for a total of 44 million. No longer exploited for their labor, these men and women are free to live a sparse life without the stress of unnecessary choices, or the burden of supporting the decadent consumer society. Those who once were mere cogs in the monstrous capitalist planet-raping machine, now can enjoy a guilt-free life of government dependency.

As impressive as Obama's success has been, there still remain those who are bitterly clinging to self-reliance - a debilitation condition caused by false consciousness, the dark legacy of capitalist propaganda. To those still shackled to a job: do not give up hope! Our progress is unstoppable! Obama has plans for many more regulations and taxes - a tried and true way to beat back the vicious creation of jobs and prosperity in the reactionary private sector.

Soon you too will enjoy a scant existence with your very own Obamacard. Experience the glory of heroic and selfless sacrifice for the Greater Good™ as your children grow up loving the indiscriminate largess of the government's giving hand!


America | The Chinese are going to beat us... (Part 2)

This is our future... these are the people are children are watching, and making idols of...

America | The Chinese are going to beat us... (Part 1)

I don't think I need to say anything more...