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Crazed Bible-Wielding Duo Threatens to Rape Lesbians

Recently outside of a "Gay-Day" rally in Michigan, two counter-protesters (who appear to be from the Twelve Tribes of Israel or a similar hate-group) told one of the lesbians attending the rally that she would be raped in the impending race-wars, as prescribed by the book of Isaiah. The lesbians called the police of course, but the police were unable to do anything. I certainly support the First Ammendment, and I don't know that I can say these guys said anything that can be considered a direct threat, so I agree the police had little they could do. However, it seems to me that this is a prime example of the sort of lunacy religion leads people two. Not that I believe all religious people think this way, but it certainly does not help when deviants such as these can fall back on a revered religious text which clearly condones rape throughout it's pages.

The video clearly only shows one side of the story, and offers no clues as to how this confrontation began, but it is pretty clear to me that these two miscreants are the sort of biblical literalists that make religion dangerous.

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    Crazed Bible-Wielding Duo Threatens to Rape Lesbians - Journal - QuixoticJourney
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    Crazed Bible-Wielding Duo Threatens to Rape Lesbians - Journal - QuixoticJourney

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It's appalling that these ignorant hatemongers would associate themselves with the christian religion and contort its message to justify their individual disgusting desires. This type of filth is obviously condemned by Paul in his letter to the Galatians 6:19-21. Rather than a twisted definition of an Old Testament prophecy, this shows clearly that the sexually immoral (among the rest of the list) will not inherit the kingdom of God. The couple handled it much better than I probably could have.

August 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCasey

Fundamentalism is dangerous regardless of its flavor, if there were no such thing as religion, this kind of behavior would still be conducted, only under a different title. Human nature is a bitch sometimes.

April 27, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbroonicus

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